THE final lists of who is standing in the General Election on Thursday, July 4, in Herefordshire in just over two weeks time have been announced.

In North Herefordshire, the previously announced candidates are joined by Michael Guest, standing for the Social Democratic Party.

He previously stood for Mortimer Ward for It’s Our County in local elections of 2019, coming second to the Conservatives’ Carole Gandy.

The SDP is a continuation of the party formed as a breakaway from the Labour Party of Michael Foot in 1981 which then merged with the Liberal Party at the end of the 1980s to form the Liberal Democrats.

But some activists defied the party leadership at the time, keeping it going as a separate party until the present day.

The party confirmed on Saturday that it is standing 122 candidates around the country at the election.

Its campaign priorities are ending mass immigration, renationalising railways and utilities, and building more social housing.

The final list of candidates in North Herefordshire is:

  • Jon Browning (Labour)
  • Ellie Chowns (Green)
  • Andy Dye (Reform UK)
  • Michael Guest (Social Democratic Party)
  • Cat Hornsey (Liberal Democrats)
  • Bill Wiggin (Conservative)

Meanwhile in Hereford and South Herefordshire, the five candidates from established parties are joined by Mark Weadon, an unaligned candidate who does not appear to have previously stood in the county or anywhere else.

The final list of candidates in Hereford and South Herefordshire is:

  • Nigel Ely (Reform UK)
  • Joe Emmett (Labour)
  • Jesse Norman (Conservative)
  • Dan Powell (Liberal Democrats)
  • Diana Toynbee (Green)
  • Mark Weadon

The final list of candidates in the neighbouring Forest of Dean constituency is:

  • Matt Bishop (Labour)
  • Stanley Goodin (Reform UK)
  • Mark Harper (Conservative)
  • James Joyce (Liberal Democrat)
  • Chris McFarling (Green)
  • Saiham Sidker (Socialist Labour) 

The deadline to register as a General Election candidate passed on Friday afternoon (June 7).

Voters also had to be registered to vote by Tuesday, June 18.

As with last year’s local elections, voters must now produce valid photographic ID at polling stations in order to vote.