Madam, I should like to endorse Mark Herriott's concerns ['Why did MP support forest sale?', February 23rd] about our MP Jesse Norman and the stance he has taken on the coalition government's ill-conceived proposals to sell off the forests.

While choosing to vote in favour of the policy, Mr Norman's position was otherwise characterised by a deafening silence and a blatant disregard for those constituents seeking his views. Two letters were sent to Mr Norman's constituency e-mail address, and to date, not even an acknowledgement has been received, let alone a reply.

Such arrogance matches Mark Harper's apparent contempt for the many frustrated residents in the Forest of Dean wishing to persuade their sitting MP to accurately represent the views of his constituency. Mr Norman has stated on many occasions his commitment to representing the views of Herefordshire's communities but, on this occasion, he has palpably failed to respond in a manner that befits his privileged position.

Gareth Nutt, Bailey Lane End