A GREEN Party general election candidate and former MEP has labelled the Government ‘fossil fools’ for backing future licensing of oil and gas fields in the King’s Speech.

Herefordshire county councillor Ellie Chowns, who is targeting Sir Bill Wiggins’ North Herefordshire seat, said: “This is a government of fossil fools. Pushing ahead with new oil and gas licences is the last thing we need in this climate emergency.

“Herefordshire knows what it is like to be battered by storms and floods, and scientists repeatedly warn that these events are becoming more frequent and ferocious as our planet get hotter. The Conservatives have now decided to throw more (fossil) fuel onto this raging fire, and they even have the nerve to justify this vandalism with nonsense claims – it is time they come clean with the public.

“Any government that is serious about energy security, secure jobs, and lower household bills... should look not to the expensive, dirty fossil fuels of the past, but to the cheap and abundant renewable energy of the future. Investment in cheap renewable energy, plus insulation for every home that needs it, could be the first steps in renewing our economy and ensuring good jobs, warm homes, and low bills for all. That fairer and greener path is possible – but not with the Conservatives in power.

“This King’s Speech demonstrates once again that the Conservatives cannot be trusted with our country’s future.”