Funding has been allocated to a number of initiatives through the Household Support Fund to support households that are most in need.

One of these initiatives aims to support households with individuals, whether children or adults, who rely on high-energy-consuming medical equipment to meet their health needs.  The equipment includes ventilators, dialysis machines, oxygen concentrators or feeding pumps.

There is financial support for those that are most affected by the cost of living and by the use of such equipment resulting in higher energy bills. This can be particularly impactful during the winter months, posing a heightened risk of fuel poverty for individuals relying on these essential medical devices.

Individuals may be eligible for financial support of up to £250.00 towards heating or energy bills.

Individuals can either complete a self-referral or be referred by a professional on their behalf. If the application is successful, the payment will be made within 14 days from the referral being received. Evidence of health condition and medical device used in the home will need to be provided. A bank statement will need to be uploaded to verify the individual’s details.

Details of eligibility criteria and how to refer are on the attached guidance.  There is also a printable flyer attached if you would you like to give to individuals so as they complete the application form themselves.

The funding is available until 31st March 2024.

Councillor Carole Gandy, Cabinet member adults, health and wellbeing, said: “Many families who are significantly affected by the rise in energy costs as a result of the need to use energy intensive medical equipment to support individuals within their family may well be eligible for this financial support and should not hesitate to either make a self-referral or be referred by a health professional”.

Hilary Hall, Corporate Director Community Wellbeing said: “The Household Support Fund has allowed the council to deliver a number of different initiatives to support those in most need.  The financial support offered now could potentially make a big difference to households who rely on medical equipment to meet the health needs of someone in their family.  I would encourage anyone who believes they would be eligible for it to make a referral, either themselves or through a health professional.”

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