A PROMINENT figure in Ross-on-Wye has been excluded by the National Association of Funeral Directors after reported breaches of conduct. 

William Bevan manages an independent funeral home on Gloucester Road, which has operated for over 200 years. 

However, the association’s disciplinary committee, headed by Barry Picken, and including lay member Linda Ford and funeral director representative Gerrard Boyle, recently found Mr Bevan guilty of various breaches of the funeral director code as outlined in the official disciplinary notice. 


This code specifies the operational requirements for funeral businesses. Examples of these requirements include acting in the best interests of each client and prospective client, providing the best possible level of care to bereaved people, keeping in mind the specific needs of each client and family, acting transparently with honesty and integrity. 


Mr Bevan's infractions encompassed multiple principles and outcomes outlined in the document, including a "pattern of behavior not compatible with the code." 


The committee also implied that Mr Bevan had not fully co-operated with the organisation or the disciplinary investigation itself.  

Specific allegations against Mr Bevan included claims that he had failed to treat vulnerable clients with the respect and dignity they deserved.  

There were also accusations of inadequate and delayed service delivery, leaving families dissatisfied during their time of mourning. 

Complaints of unfair treatment, insufficient response to client concerns, and lack of cooperation with regulatory authorities were also scrutinised. 

The committee reviewed each alleged breach separately and concluded that together they warranted Mr Bevan’s exclusion. 

A spokesperson for the association emphasised their commitment to upholding ethical standards in the funeral industry, crucial for supporting grieving families.  

They reiterated the importance of trust and integrity in providing solace during times of profound grief. 

Mr Bevan is now required to remove all association signage from his establishment and is barred from seeking reinstatement for three years. 

They are also required to remove any confusing material for bereaved families from his website and have lost access to the association’s independent complaints and redress service. 

The association recommends residents seeking funeral services to use a directory to find directors meeting industry standards.