In an endeavour to create a safer playground for local schoolchildren, the Gorsley Goffs Primary School PTFA is organising a summer fete. Slated for Saturday, 1st July, from 12 to 3pm, the event aims to gather funds for a critical cause: the resurfacing of the playground equipment area.

The playground, a vital space for the development of children's fine motor skills and a source of fun, is currently in a state of disrepair. The conditions have made it unsafe, preventing the students from utilising it and consequently impacting their physical development and enjoyment.

In order to restore and rejuvenate the playground, a resurfacing quote of £32,000 has been received, marking a significant financial challenge for the school. The summer fete presents a community-driven approach to raising these essential funds.

Becca Weston of the Gorsley Goffs PTFA (Registered Charity No. 518842) has called upon local media outlets, urging them to publicise the event in their 'What's On' sections to attract a broad audience and enhance fundraising efforts. This grassroots event and the accompanying publicity not only offer an opportunity for community fun and involvement but also contribute towards a safer and more engaging learning environment for the students.

Weston expressed gratitude in advance to any media outlet considering this request. She emphasised how critical the support from the community is in realising this essential project, which will enrich the educational experience for local schoolchildren.

The Gorsley Goffs PTFA looks forward to seeing residents come together at the summer fete to support this cause, helping to shape a better and safer playground for the children in their community.