Herefordshire council is encouraging local people to make themselves aware of the different types of fraud and the ways they can be combated.

Fraud in the public sector costs tax payers billion of pounds each year and losses on this scale have a huge impact on the provision of public services. Fraud committed against the council can include:

- Council Tax fraud

-Business rates fraud

-Grant Fraud

-Social car fraud

-Schools and education fraud

-Procurement fraud

-Insurance fraud (claims against the council)

-Blue badge fraud

-Internal fraud

The Corporate Fraud Service carries out investigations to prevent and detect fraud against the council, whether it is by employees, elected members, partner organisations, suppliers or residents. The department takes any enforcement action that is necessary which may include disciplinary action (if the fraud is perpetrated by an employee), civil court action or criminal prosecution. 

The council is opposed to all forms of fraud and corruption, and is determined to protect against such actions, whether attempted from within the council or by outside individuals, groups or organisations. 

If you are aware of anyone believed to be committing fraud, report it. This will enable money to be spent on services benefiting everyone in Herefordshire. 

You can report it by completing the online form on the Herefordshire Council website, calling the fraud hotline on 01432260698 or writing to the council: Counter Fraud Department, Corporate Services, Plough Lane Offices, Hereford, HR4 0LE. 

Any contact details provided are held safety and treated in strict confidence, and you can request to remain anonymous within the fraud referral form.