Herefordshire museum service has launched an exciting new project that uses interactive digital technology to showcase museum items that would otherwise be unseen.

The ‘Inside Out’ project is showcasing unseen artefacts from the museums’ collection, currently housed at the Hereford city centre Resource and Learning Centre.

The project is an innovative way of using digital art to provide people with an opportunity to see some of the thousands of objects currently in storage while the museum is closed for re-development.

As many of the stored artefacts are too delicate to take to non-museum community venues the use of digital art is an excellent way for people to see and experience them.

The museum team have worked with local artists who’ve used digital technology to showcase the chosen artefacts, starting with an early 19th century handmade Victorian wooden Noah’s Ark that includes a selection of intricately carved animals.

The digital interpretation of the Victorian Ark entitled ‘Noah’s Ark Interactive’ has been created by the first of three artists involved, Andy Round of Paradise Multimedia and takes the shape of a classic 1980’s arcade game that takes the player on a journey to discover more about the features animals, climate change, Victorian Britain, the flood story and much more.

Following a launch event at Leominster Library on Friday 17 November, the digital exhibit will be there until the end of the year before continuing its tour around some of the other libraries in the county.

The Inside Out project is part of the Hidden Gems programme originally funded by The Arts Council and National Lottery Heritage Fund to create projects that raise the profile of local heritage through arts, digital technology and community involvement.

Hereford’s Museum Service will be announcing more interactive displays of yet unseen museum items again soon.

To view a demo of ‘Noah’s Ark Interactive’ online visit:

For directions to Leominster Library, opening times and contact visit: