West bank Care Home has been filled with the quacks of joy and the gentle patter of webbed feet this Easter, heralding a season of heartwarming memories and delightful beginnings. 

The introduction of a brood of Indian Runner ducks to the care home family has proven an enriching experience, exceeding all expectations.

From the first crack of an egg to the warm embrace of their new human friends, the journey of these adorable ducklings has been magical for residents and staff alike. 

The care home community, including residents, their families, and visitors, came together in a beautiful display of care, curiosity, and shared joy, making 'Operation Duckling' a remarkable success.

The presence of the ducklings has fostered a vibrant and interactive atmosphere, strengthening bonds within the community and showcasing the therapeutic power of connecting with nature. It was a sight to behold as individuals of all ages came together, united by the simple joy of nurturing the new ducklings.

The home manager, Judy, has welcomed the ducklings into the home, offering them a permanent home at West Bank which has been called ‘Quackington Palace’. 

This gesture is part of the home's dedication to enhancing its living environment with engaging and compassionate initiatives.

Judy said: "It's been an incredible week witnessing the happiness the ducklings bring to everyone here. 'Quackington Palace' will not just be a home for our feathered friends but a beacon of our community's love and unity."

“West bank Care Home looks forward to the joy and adventures 'Quackington Palace' and its duckling residents will bring. This Easter story is a testament to the positive impact of companionship, care, and a close-knit community on the human spirit.

“For a community where every day is an opportunity to find joy, share knowledge, and create lasting memories, West bank Care Home stands as a vibrant example of living life to the fullest. This Easter, the Indian Runner ducks have begun a new chapter in their journey, one that promises to enrich the lives of all at West bank for many seasons to come.”