From December 2, 2024, the Lloyds Bank, Ross-on-Wye branch will be closing.

In making the decision to close, the company considered: • How often customers use the branch • Current services available in the branch and the branch opening hours • Visiting the branch to consider the location and understand the alternative ways to bank in the area • Assessing the local transport services, and how often they run • Reviewing the broadband availability in the area • How customers, including those who are vulnerable or may need additional support, would be affected • Sharing plans to close this branch with LINK who independently assessed the access to cash needs of the local community.

The nearest Lloyds Bank branches to Ross will be in Monmouth, 10 miles from Ross with direct buses with a 40 minute journey time, or Hereford, 12.8 miles from Ross and direct buses with a 45 minute journey time.

In response to the announced closure, Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Cllr Louis Stark, said:

 "The Town Council is deeply disappointed to see the announcement of another national bank (this time Lloyds)  planning to close its branch in Ross. Our community has many elderly residents who prefer to use face-to-face services and may not have access to broadband and online banking facilities. We recognise that they can use the Post Office, as an alternative, but the closure will limit the options available to them and lead to the loss of another ATM in the Town."