The introduction of a new subscription service by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has led to a significant increase in the number of people searching for information on how to deactivate their accounts on the platforms.

Cybersecurity experts at analysed Google Trends data and found that searches for ‘Deactivate Instagram’ have risen by a whopping 2,400 per cent, while searches for ‘Deactivate Facebook’ have increased by 1,566 per cent.

Following Twitter's move to charge users for 'verified' checkmarks, Meta has announced that it will also be introducing a $11.99 'verified' charge for its platforms. This subscription will give users access to faster customer service and priority commenting, as well as a 'Meta verified' mark on their profiles.

Monetisation of social media has become increasingly common with the introduction of GDPR and other privacy laws, which make it harder for companies like Meta to sell user data without consent. With more companies adopting strategies like this, it remains to be seen if the social media landscape will change and become fragmented as opposed to the centralised model we have now.