Motorists in Ross are navigating a 10p per litre gap in petrol prices, with the most expensive stations charging 165.9p and the cheapest offering fuel at 155.8p. The varying prices come from stations within a seven-mile radius of the town.

Applegreen Cinderford, situated 6.81 miles from Ross, offers the cheapest petrol at 155.8p per litre as of 9 October 2023. Gulf A40 at Lea Garage isn’t far behind, priced at 155.9p per litre and located 4.08 miles away. Another station offering the same price is Gulf Cinderford, 6.63 miles away from Ross.

At the other end of the spectrum, the A449/M50 Ross Spur Service Area Southbound has the most expensive petrol. Located just 1.15 miles away from Ross, it’s charging 165.9p per litre. Another high-priced station is A40 Symonds Yat MFG Service Area Eastbound, with fuel at 164.9p per litre and situated 5.54 miles away.

Within Ross itself, Morrisons Ross-on-Wye is selling petrol at 160.9p per litre, while BP Ross-on-Wye at Wilton Garage is cheaper at 159.9p.