Thomas Harrhy, a young man from Ross-on-Wye has now raised enough money to buy a new wheelchair to meet his changing needs. A recent donation of £1,000 from a Ross law firm, Harrison Clark Shawcross has pushed his fundraising well over the amount he needs for this specialised piece of equipment.

Thomas, aged 12, who has cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia and a learning delay, uses a manual NHS wheelchair at the moment, but his father, Dave told the Ross Gazette that he really needs a manual lightweight wheelchair that he can push himself. He said: “He needs to be able to move through his own volition.”

The wheelchair Thomas has chosen to take him into his teenage years also has an electric hand cycle attachment, which converts the manual chair into a battery-powered trike. Dave added: “This is really important in Ross which has hills and he will be able to come with us when we go cycling which we enjoy as a family.”

The donation from the firm’s own charitable trust has brought the family’s fundraising total above their target.

Dave told the Ross Gazette: “The Trust’s donation is amazing – with the pledge, we have reached and exceeded our original fund-raising goal and we can now get the wheelchair and trike combinations as well as supporting Thomas with extra items, including spare wheels and other mobility equipment. We have had such a great response from everyone – people have been really generous.”

Dave told the Gazette that it was quite hard at the beginning to start fundraising but he had to swallow his pride, and he has been amazed by the generosity of the people of Ross. He is particularly grateful to the large donations from Harrison Clark Shawcross and Ross Lions Club but also the many small donations made by individuals. The latest event is the Christmas Craft Fair being organised by Mary Deaville at the Venue this Sunday.

Dave said: “Although we have more than reached our target of £7,000 we know everything connected with disability is expensive. We have been able to get Thomas a chair so that he will be able to sit with the family rather than stay in bed when he comes home from hospital.”

As we went to press Thomas was preparing for the first of two major operations to help with his mobility. More than anything he wants to be able to not have to wear splints so he is very excited but Dave added:?“There are mixed emotions.” The family hopes Thomas will be home for Christmas and have his new wheelchair.