POLICE are warning drivers that they are cracking down on illegal parking in a Wyeside village, after rows between residents and drivers.

Officers say they are acting after several reports of parking on yellow zigzag lines and pavements outside Fownhope’s St Mary’s Primary School.

They have put up "mini PCs" outside the school, with signs telling drivers to park considerately.

But one resident photographing cars and drivers and posting pictures on social media has reportedly sparked rows in the quiet village.

One mother said her four-year-old girl had become "really upset" by a woman taking pictures "front on", and her repeated requests for the pictures to be taken down from social media had been ignored.

Another parent posted: "Why take photos? Just ask them there and then if you are literally a few feet away from them?

"Really, what this world has come to that you have to post it on Facebook and take photos of people who probably don’t want to be on social media!"

Anyone caught parking on a yellow zigzag faces a possible £100 fine with three penalty points on their licence.

PC Josh Kitchen said inconsiderate or illegal parking could put pedestrians and other road users in danger and create an obstruction for emergency vehicles.

He said: "We will be carrying out patrols in the area and reminding parents that they risk getting a fine if they fail to comply with the appropriate road markings.

"Many thanks for your help and support. It is only by the police and the public working together that we can effectively both prevent and detect crime and keep our communities safe."

Action came after an initial post by the administrator of the Fownhope Village Facebook page, which said: "A request we’ve had from more than one resident - please, please, please don’t park with your wheels on the pavement - it’s difficult for everybody and makes it impossible for people with buggies or wheelchairs to get by."

Helen Phillips welcomed the police action, saying: "Brilliant, seems like Fownhope FB post yesterday did the trick in advising people not to park on pavements and yellow zig zags⦠great public service."

Zoe Palmer replied: "They need to provide a safe car park for parents to drop children off at school. Perhaps the council should do a park and ride system, where parents meet a minibus and the children are taken by teachers to the schoolâ¦

"(But) it’s no good taking pictures of parents, this is not the right way, it just upsets parents and children. My grandchildren go to this school, parents don’t want to park wrongfully, but there’s no choice."

Wendy Prosser added: "It’s difficult for people with buggies but if people don’t park on the pavement ambulances can’t get through, someone’s life could be at risk."

But while urging people not to park with their wheels on the pavement, David Pascoe posted: "Plenty of room for emergency vehicles even if they park on the road. I’ve driven through there in a fire engineâ¦

"At times the whole pavement is blocked by cars. I have complained to the school before and they stopped it then.

"The problem is selfish people with no consideration for others. Pavements are for people not cars, blocking a pavement is illegal."

Ann Marie Matthews added: "If you get no joy from the school, complain directly to the Governors, as they run the school. I believe the vicar is on the board."

Jess Prosser noted: "The amount of near misses I’ve had of other residents driving too fast round the corner in the middle of the road is unreal and that’s not even at school time.

"Road isn’t really wide enough with the bus going through there as well."