Coffee enthusiasts and culture seekers are in for a treat on Saturday, 2nd September, as Coffee@ St Mary’s reopens its doors. The Welsh ‘Sgwrs’ group will be taking the helm, offering attendees a unique opportunity to dabble in the Welsh language. With translations centred around the theme ‘coffee morning’, participants can try their hand at pronouncing Welsh words, with native speakers on standby to assist.

In addition to the linguistic experience, visitors can also indulge in the artistic flair of the 15 h-Art exhibitors. These local artisans will be showcasing and selling a diverse range of crafts throughout the week.

St Mary’s promises to be a hub of activity and camaraderie, serving morning coffee, light lunches, afternoon tea, and delectable cakes from 10am to 4pm daily. With spacious accommodations, it’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends and immerse oneself in local culture and crafts. Everyone is warmly invited to join in.