A group of Ross Pensioners have agreed to join together to take up the Three Peaks Challenge this summer.  It sounds pretty simple – take 24 hours to go up and down three mountains. 

The problem is that the mountains are Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon, and the drive between them takes at least 10 hours, so a maximum of 14 hours are available for walking.

The team plan to take on the Challenge in late June, taking advantage of long hours of daylight. 

Stewart Ross and Rosamund Skelton will drive through the night between Fort William and the Lake District while the walkers sleep. While the drivers sleep, Colin Leggate, Daphne Head and Peter Reynolds will be walking. As the best size for a team of walkers is four they really need another determined pensioner to join them in this fun but demanding endeavour.

It will be hard work, but it is not a race, and while 24 hours is the aim, they will still feel they have achieved a lot, even if they take a little longer. The group plan to add some edge to the effort by raising money for their favourite charities. They hope that Ross-on-Wye residents and friends will want to support a plucky band of retired climbers.

The walkers are starting their group training on February 25th with a walk on Hay Bluff, and would be delighted if any other pensioners would like to join them. If you are interested in joining the group please phone Colin on 01989 564536.