Ross’s MP Jessie Norman (Conservative) said that choosing Boris once again as party leader and PM would be ‘an absolutely catastrophic decision’.

He said: “There are several very good potential candidates for Conservative leader. But choosing Boris now would be—and I say this advisedly—an absolutely catastrophic decision.”

Mr Norman was one of the Conservative MPs who penned a letter of no confidence to the 1922 committee requesting the prime minister Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Liz Truss resigned Thursday, October 20 as the prime minister after 45 days in office. In a statement outside Number 10 Downing Street, Ms Truss said she could not deliver the mandate on which she was elected by the Conservative Party and has therefore notified King Charles III that she is resigning as leader of the party. She added that a leadership election will be held within the next week.

The Gazette report, on June, on Mr Norman’s letter to the 1922 committee calling for then prime minister Boris Johnson’s resignation. Mr Norman quoted part of his letter on the morning following the by-election results, where Conservatives had lost both seats they were defending.

He posted on social media: “For you (Boris Johnson) to prolong this charade not only insults the electorate, and the people who support, volunteer, represent and campaign for our party; it makes a decisive change of government at the next election much more likely. That is potentially catastrophic for this country.”