Residents across Ross and elsewhere face a risk of being silenced at upcoming elections if they don’t verify their electoral registration details soon.

Herefordshire Council’s annual canvass is in full swing, ensuring the electoral register remains accurate and identifying residents potentially missing from the list.

The plea is especially directed at those who have recently relocated. Surprisingly, Electoral Commission statistics reveal that long-term residents, those residing at the same address for over 16 years, boast a 92 per cent registration rate. This number dramatically drops to a mere 36 per cent for those who’ve shifted within the past year.

“The very essence of democracy is each eligible individual having a voice. We strongly advocate for residents to heed communications from their local council about this year’s canvass. If you’re yet to be registered, don’t delay.”

They added: “Ensure you provide all needed information to your council and register at, said Melanie Davidson, positioned at the Electoral Commission’s helm for Support and Improvement.”