The scenic market town of Ross-on-Wye is preparing for its Annual Town Council Meeting scheduled for Monday, 15th May at 7pm. The gathering will take place in Rooms 5/6 of The Larruperz Centre, Old Grammar School Close.

Town Clerk, Mrs. S Robson FSLCC, has summoned all councillors to the meeting, which will cover a comprehensive range of items. Keeping with the spirit of transparency and modernity, members of the public are allowed to film or record the proceedings in a non-disruptive manner, while respecting the Data Protection Act 1998.

The meeting will kick off with the election of the Mayor, who will also serve as the Chairman of the Council. Following the election, the Mayor will sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, as prescribed by the Local Government Act 1972. The council will then proceed with the election of the Deputy Mayor. The newly elected Mayor will deliver a verbal report.

Apologies for absence will be received and approved. Councillors will also declare their interests in items for discussion, which may encompass a variety of welfare or financial interests, including any gifts or hospitality offered worth over £50.00. The council will also handle applications for dispensations from councillors.

Among the highlights of the meeting, a report from Ross Police will provide insights into local law enforcement activities. The meeting will also dedicate a 15-minute segment to Herefordshire Councillor Ward Enquiries.

Public participation is a crucial component of the meeting, with a designated period for locals to make representations, answer questions, and present evidence on agenda items. However, to ensure order and effectiveness, the Chairman may limit individual speaking time to five minutes.

The council will also review and approve the minutes of the Planning & Development Sub-Committee meeting held on 25th April 2023. Committee memberships, chair appointments, and representation on external bodies will be discussed and decided upon.

The council will consider adopting the General Power of Competence under the Localism Act 2011 and confirm its responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation. The schedule of meetings for the upcoming year 2023/2024 will be confirmed.

Financial items, including the appointment of cheque signatories, internal auditor, the consideration of the final internal audit report, and the approval of the Annual Governance Statement will be addressed. The council will also review and note items of expenditure since the last meeting.

A verbal update on the application of the Council’s Health & Safety Policy will be given, and any outstanding actions from the Audit will be considered. The Town Clerk will provide an update on the council's activities.

The next Management Committee Meeting is proposed to take place on Monday 12th June 2023. Further items for consideration will be proposed at the end of the meeting.