I am delighted to have been elected as the 49th Mayor of Ross. Why 49? Well before 1974, the post was designated ‘Chairman’ with some in the earlier part of that century seemingly having a lifetime appointment. But do not panic. My appointment is only for a year. 

I regard the post of Mayor as crucial to ensuring the smooth and effective running of the Council. For, part of my responsibilities is still to Chair the affairs of the Council. With the support of other Cllrs and the excellent team of staff we have in the office, I would hope that we can build on the good work of the previous Council and continue to invest in the town for the benefit of residents and businesses alike. A good example of that previous investment is the new cleansing operative we now employ for keeping the town centre tidy.

I also want to be forward looking in my approach. We have a new Monarch, new Councils at both County and local level and the opportunity to develop Ross further as a market town and as gateway to the Wye. Part of that paradoxically, will be to preserve our historic assets and notably the Market House. That is why we are seeking funding to supplement the considerable amount of money we have already earmarked for making this ancient monument fit for the future and to remain an iconic landmark for the town.

Events are also key to attracting visitors to the town, a crucial part of our local economy. The River remains in poor shape and I can assure you that I will want the Town Council to engage Herefordshire in tackling the ongoing problems with pollution.

As mayor, I will continue to support any plans we have to expand the events we hold and to make Ross a destination of choice for visitors.

Looking forward to the challenges of my Mayoral year.

Cllr Louis Stark, Mayor of Ross-on-Wye