East Ward councillor Paul Symonds revealed that he will not be re-standing in the upcoming local elections scheduled for 4th May, a number of candidates and councillors have come forward to thank him for his time in office.

Councillor Paul Symonds has been a prominent figure in the community, known for his dedication and work in the East Ward. His decision to step down has left constituents and colleagues reflecting on the impact he has made during his time in office.

Independent candidate Milly Boylan expressed her disappointment at Symonds’ decision not to re-stand but also conveyed her enthusiasm to follow in his footsteps. In a comment on the Ross Gazette Facebook page, she said: “I hate you are not standing, but happy to pick up the amazing baton from you and really get involved.”

Councillor Daniel Lister, another Independent, acknowledged the loss of an esteemed colleague, saying: “It’s a great shame that you’re not standing again, Paul. You are a great Independent town and County councillor and will most definitely be missed.”

The local elections on 4th May will bring about a change in the political landscape of the East Ward. Councillor Symonds’ departure creates an opportunity for new candidates like to step forward and make a difference in the community.

Councillor Symonds’ commitment to the East Ward will be remembered. His colleagues and constituents alike have expressed their gratitude for his service and the impact he has made during his time as a councillor. The locals are an opportunity for the East Ward to elect a new representative who will carry on the work.