A poll conducted by Survation has revealed that a higher percentage of Labour and Green Party voters lack ID compared to Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters.

The poll also showed that individuals in the £0-20k income bracket were more likely to be without ID compared to those in higher income brackets. This comes as England prepares for its first local elections requiring voters to present photo ID.

Green Party Councillor Ellie Chowns has voiced concerns, believing the new requirement will exclude many people from the democratic process. Chowns criticised the use of older persons’ bus passes as acceptable ID while excluding younger persons’ bus passes, calling the decision “fundamentally unfair.”

Cllr Chowns also highlighted the financial barriers preventing people from obtaining the necessary ID, potentially making voting more accessible to those with more money and time. Chowns expressed her concern about the risk of suppressing votes, particularly among younger people who are less likely to have ID.

Voters in England will need to show photo ID to vote in elections, including local elections, police and crime commissioner elections, UK parliamentary by-elections, and recall petitions. From October 2023, this requirement will also apply to UK General elections.