In a heartwarming homage to a beloved community figure, a tractor parade known as ‘Reevesy’s Run’ revved its way through the bucolic lanes of Herefordshire on Sunday, May 14; so far raising over £6,500 with more donations coming in. This procession of 75 tractors was no ordinary country spectacle; it was a touching tribute to the late David Reeves, a respected member of the community who passed away in December.

David planned a route that would carry the tractor convoy through villages and down the very lanes he himself had travelled over many years. His dream was realised as the colourful cavalcade of tractors embarked on a 30-mile journey, starting at Callow Farm Walford, winding their way through Old Hall Farm, St Owen’s Cross, and making a final stop at Treworgan Farm, Llangrove.

Crowds gathered at various vantage points, captivated by the sight of tractors rolling by, each representing a memory of David. The day culminated in a heartening communal barbecue, and a raffle that significantly contributed to the impressive sum of £6,530, to be equally shared between St Michael’s Hospice and Walford Church, two causes close to David’s heart.

The event organisers extend their warm thanks to the Drummond Family for generously offering their land as the event’s starting point, Tim and Emma Roberts at Old Hall, and Helen and Linda Wallis at Treworgan for the delightful refreshment stops. Additional appreciation was expressed to Hanks Meat and Game for their donation of meat, the Chinn family for donating produce, John and Louisa Stout of Lodge Farm for the rolls, and Oh my Goat for contributing a share of their profits from the day. The safety shack provided high-vis jackets, and numerous other businesses and individuals donated raffle prizes. Without the participants, spectators, and especially the marshals and helpers, the day would not have been possible.

A participant summed up the event’s heartfelt sentiment: “Thank you for an absolutely fantastic day, the fact it was such a fitting memorial to a great guy, every detail was meticulously thought through and it showed.”