Residents of Goodrich Court came up trumps when they were asked if they could help with knitting a few pencil cases. The group managed to create more than 200 of the cases, which will be filled with useful items, and placed along with various small gifts in shoe boxes for the Samaritans Purse appeal.

The Reverend John Fox, from Cornwall, regularly visits a friend who lives at Goodrich Court. He mentioned to her that the lady who used to knit items for his Sunday School to put in shoe boxes, had died. The boxes are filled with gifts for children in various countries around the world who may not receive presents at Christmas.

He was hoping that one or two ladies at Goodrich Court would be able to knit a few pencil cases for them. The group rose to the challenge and not only have they knitted, one lady has sewn beautiful pencil cases and they have collected pencils, pens and other stationery items to go inside them. The Sunday School children at Connor Downs Independent Sunday School were so thrilled at the way the ladies responded that they sent a thank you letter and flowers to Goodrich Court.

The Reverend Fox told the Gazette that the children who will receive these gifts have nothing, He said: “And if we give them money the state takes it.” That is why they send gifts suitable for children.

He said that he is very grateful to all those who have knitted including the manager, Carolyne Chalmers, who has not only supported the group but has joined in with the knitting. Carolyne said the ladies are members of a craft group which meets on a Tuesday afternoon. She added that they are always to keen to help local groups too. They have been raising money for the Ross Action Bus and are soon to start a project for the local football club.