Roadworks on Ledbury Road in Ross-on-Wye have sparked concerns among residents, as the work appears to have caused further damage to existing potholes.

The state of the road, which stretches from the roundabout to John Kyrle High School, has been described as “dire” and in need of a complete resurfacing, rather than a mere patch-up. The issue was brought to light by local commentary Twitter account @RossOnWyeRising, questioning the plans for Ledbury Road and the responsible parties for the roadworks.

The current condition of the road, a key gateway to Ross-on-Wye, requires urgent attention.

Councillor Gemma Davies responded promptly to the concerns, inquiring whether the vans involved in the roadworks had driven on the grass verges and confirming the location of the work. Mr Kyrle confirmed that the issue was indeed on Ledbury Road between the school and Labels roundabout, prompting Councillor Davies to assure him that she would investigate the matter.

In addition to the damaged potholes, the roadworks seem to have left the grass verges in a less than satisfactory state. As the local community await updates on the situation, it is clear that a comprehensive solution is needed to address the concerns surrounding Ledbury Road’s condition.