Ross-on-Wye is all abuzz as it prepares to host its inaugural Children’s Book Festival, a two-day literary extravaganza set to enrapture young minds.

Scheduled for the last day of June and the first of July, this enchanting journey through the vibrant landscape of children’s literature is a joint effort by Ross Library, the Ross Library Development Group, and the Community Garden.

An imaginative burst of creativity is expected from the local schools as they partake in a writing contest. The entries, a tapestry of youthful thoughts and ideas, will be displayed proudly at the library, adding an extra dimension to the festival’s allure. The town is set to morph into a life-sized storybook as a unique book character trail weaves its way through the Ross shops. Children will delight in spotting their beloved characters, fostering an appreciation for the magic of reading.

Tim Shelley, a dedicated member of the festival’s steering group, shares the team’s excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event. “We eagerly await the weekend,” Shelley notes, “It’s set to be a fantastic occasion for everyone, especially the younger ones, as we encourage them to engage with reading and writing.” A sincere note of gratitude was extended to the Ross Town Council and Ross Library Development Group for their generosity and support in facilitating the event.

The Children’s Book Festival is an open invitation to all who hold a fondness for literature and youthful whimsy. For more information on this enchanting escapade into the world of words and imagination, you can visit their Facebook page or reach out to Tim Shelley at [email protected]. Come and join the literary adventure, and bear witness as Ross-on-Wye metamorphoses into a storybook wonderland.