Terrance Robert Hill, a 75-year-old retired bus driver from Ross-on-Wye, finds himself in a precarious situation as he anxiously awaits winter while living in a summer house. After spending years in the Philippines, he has returned to the UK but has been told he may have to wait up to two years for permanent housing.

Terrance moved to the Philippines in 2010 with his wife, where he built a property. Despite the investment, he couldn’t own the property due to not being a Philippine citizen. Now back in the UK, he wishes to live out the remainder of his life among friends and community in Ross-on-Wye. The Herefordshire Housing Solutions team has informed him that they can’t place him on the housing waiting list for at least three months, and possibly as long as two years.

Born in London, Terrance moved to Ross shortly after the war and has a strong desire to stay in his hometown. Adding to his woes is the possibility of having to live in locations as distant as Gloucestershire or Worcestershire. With local bus routes struggling to remain operational, he fears losing his connection to Ross-on-Wye.