Members of the Ross Royal British Legion gathered at the Ross War Memorial (March 20) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the commencement of Operation Telic, the code name for British Operations in Iraq from March 2003 to May 2011.

Graham Aplin, Chair of Ross Royal British Legion, was joined by Jane Bazeley, Branch Community Support Officer, and James Weatherhead, Branch Committee member, in a solemn ceremony to honour those who served and those who lost their lives during the operation.

Aplin laid a wreath at the memorial and delivered a poignant homily, paying tribute to the 184 British military and civil fatalities, as well as the 3,598 British personnel who were casualties of the operation. The commemoration served as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the servicemen and women during the eight-year campaign.

Operation Telic was the United Kingdom’s contribution to the invasion and subsequent military presence in Iraq, aimed at removing the regime of Saddam Hussein and assisting the country in establishing a new, democratic government. The operation saw the deployment of over 46,000 British troops and played a crucial role in the overall coalition efforts.

The Ross Royal British Legion continues to support veterans and their families, ensuring that the memory of those who served in conflicts like Operation Telic is preserved for future generations. As the community gathered on this significant anniversary, the message was clear: the sacrifices made by the men and women of the British Armed Forces will not be forgotten.