A LOCAL group of ‘yarn-bombers’ have again decorated the streets and shops of Ross-on-Wye with eye-catching knitted displays. 

Operating under the name ‘Knitsey’ the yarn bombing group has a number of social media pages dedicated to displaying their wonderful creations. 

Yarn bombing is a form of street art made by covering objects in public space with colorful knitted or crocheted patches. 

Every summer the group decides on a new theme to commemorate ‘Yarn-Bombing Day’. This year the theme is fairytales, folklore and nursery rhymes. 

The highlight of this year’s work is the large display on a Broad Street post box depicting the story of ‘Saint George and the Dragon’. This display took six months to create and is already a favourite amongst Ross locals. 

One local said: “I see the Dragon every day on my way to work, it really brightens up the street.”  

As well as new, themed creations each summer the group have a stash of seasonal creations, including Christmas and Easter designs, to ensure they can display their work all year round. 

In Autumn last year, one of the group's large harvest creations was stolen from the double post box at The Maltings. Many members of the group now focus solely on showcasing displays in shop windows to avoid more disheartening thefts. 

The group have confirmed more fables and rhymes will be going up over the coming weeks and have urged Rossians and visitors to keep an eye out for more knitted displays.