The Ross Community Litter Clean up Crew (RCLCUC) recently posted to their Facebook page, addressing Openreach, the telecommunications company that own and maintain the telephone wires, ducts, cabinets and exchanges.

They posted:?“#openreach you do a good job keeping us connected - would it hurt to carry a little brush in the van? This is the sort of stuff birds collect to feed their chicks.”

Attached is the image of litter left at the junction of Walford Road and Kent Avenue.

They added:?“Seems pretty standard, I find the blue wire at the majority of the boxes.”

Another photo was attached of wires around the box at the junction of Walford Road and Eastfield Road.

They said:?“Obviously I’ve picked all the bits now, but this lot was lying around the box at the junction of Walford Rd & Eastfield Road. (It’s standard for almost every box I pass)”

Steph Ray used Twitter to contact Openreach, and received this reply: “’Hi Steph, I’m sorry to see this - this isn’t good at all. Can you DM us the address for this? We’ll get this looked into for you.”

Steph commented:?“I sent them address mentioned in this thread. I have found Twitter a very effective way of getting a response from companies. Let’s hope they sort out the waste.”

A further reply from Openreach said:?“Sorry about this. I’ve emailed the local operations manager to have this addressed with the teams working locally.”