The numbers of letters sent to the Planning Department and/or the Inspectorate have been absolutely crucial to the success of the campaign against the phone mast, so thank you everyone who responded so magnificently.

We are very grateful for the help of the Town Council and our County Councillors, Anne Gray and Phil Cutter in explaining the intricacies of the Planning System - a big learning curve for us in the early days - and for expressing their support after the abolition of the Southern Area Planning Committee.

We'd like to thank Cllr Chris Bartrum who as a Ross resident supported our campaign and also Joyce Thomas MBE as an ex-resident of the town.

Thanks too to Terry Harding who actively and very ably stepped into the role of spokesman and highlighted our campaign on BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Paul Keetch supported us in our objections to the first Vodafone application in the Spring of 2009, and Jesse Norman MP has supported us throughout the second application, so to them both a big 'thank you'.Many thanks also to Sarah Carr and Liz Lynne who have helped in their roles as Parliamentary candidate and MEP respectively. Liz Lynne is patron of the Radiation Research Trust and has called on Member States of the European Parliament to do more to investigate the potential long term effects of masts on people's health.

Guidance and help was also offered and gratefully received from Christopher Lefevre, an Independent Advisor on mast matters.

We are greatly indebted to the Gazette for their faithfulness in reporting the vicissitudes of this long campaign. Very many thanks to all.

Pauline David, Ross