Thank you for offering me the right of reply to letters attacking me during the current election campaign. For clarity I am responding as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ross East and not as Mayor; I have tried to keep the role politically neutral at all times.

I along with all my hardworking Liberal Democrat colleagues are truly running a positive campaign that focuses on how we want to build a future that will be better for Ross. To achieve this we will ensure we get a fair deal and an end to the overfunding of Hereford at the expense of the rest of the County, as it’s been under the current administration of Independent and Green Councillors. We really are the only group to have a positive plan for turning around the County Council.

I am saddened by the need to clarify some information. I was selected as the County Candidate for Ross East Liberal Democrats last year when Paul informed the Party he would not be standing. I really was honoured to be appointed and got to work straight away. Sometime later Paul changed his mind and applied to replace me. However the local party were happy with their appointment and informed me they had considerable concerns that as Paul had not at that point attended any Herefordshire Council meetings for nearly five months he would not have time to fulfil the role.

I am happy and able to commit my time to continuing to represent the good people of Ross East on the Town Council and, should I be successful, at County Level as well.

Kind regards, Ed O’Driscoll