As you can imagine, the run-up to Xmas is a very busy period for attending festive events. From Xmas Fayres, to carol services, to musical concerts, to pantos, to charity events, to ribbon cutting, it is a hive of activity and is immensely satisfying, particularly when you immerse yourself in the experience itself. 

But, it got me thinking, how we as individuals cope with the challenges and expectations of the festive period. For in a fully connected digital world, where we are a click away from the Internet or social media, or a click of the remote control from the relentless TV Xmas advertising, it can sometimes become overwhelming. It is not just about gifting, but so much comes our way in brochures on what should make-up the ideal Xmas meal. 

At a time too, when we have a mental health crisis and a desire to improve our well-being as a whole, trying to source the perfect gift or just organise Xmas day itself and the components of the Xmas dinner, or simply being able to afford all of this can be a real challenge for some. Literally the straw that broke the festive camel's back.

So it might just be me, but perhaps it is time to consider whether a simpler Xmas might be of more benefit to all of us. One, where the focus is on the enjoyment of sharing it in the company of family and friends, particularly those we do not see across the year, accompanied by a trimmed down table of fare.

You might not agree, but whatever you think, can I wish all of you an enjoyable and stress-free Xmas and that you enter the New Year to come in the best possible frame of mind and spirits.