John Kyrle High School’s Year 9 football team faced off against John Masefield School in a thrilling match on Tuesday, March 14th. The match, which was held at Ledbury rugby club, saw John Masefield take an early lead after a goal line scramble. However, John Kyrle soon found their footing, with Captain Sam Waterhouse and Ollie Evans working hard to get the ball up front.

Rhys Price was able to draw the teams level with a goal after a period of pressure, but just before half time, John Masefield managed to score again, ending the half with a 2-1 lead.

The second half saw some good chasing and harrying from James Ellis and Harry Bennet, putting pressure on the opposition. Rhys Price scored again, drawing the game level at 2-2. However, with just ten minutes remaining, John Masefield scored again, putting them ahead 3-2.

Despite the setback, John Kyrle didn’t give up. Second half substitute Jake Hodges started putting in some great balls across the opposing team’s goal, putting them under serious pressure. The constant supply of ball into the box paid off with an equaliser by Seth Bradshaw just minutes before the end of the game. The game finished tied at 3-3, with both teams sharing the honours.

Now, John Kyrle High School’s Year 9 football team must wait until all the other games in the group are played to see if they make it through to the semi-finals. It was a thrilling match, and the team is sure to continue playing hard as they await their fate.