Ready for a fun and unique exercise experience? Ross Sports Centre offers an exhilarating opportunity to try your hand at Petanque, or French Boules, on Thursday, 15th June. Wilton Bridge Petanque Club is rolling out the welcome mat, inviting one and all to a free open afternoon starting from 2pm. This is your chance to get involved in one of the most exciting and social sports events in the region. With no need to book in advance, simply turn up, grab a boule, and benefit from expert coaching on the day.

Wilton Bridge Petanque Club has been riding high on a wave of success since emerging from the Covid lockdown. The club's resilience and determination have been met with overwhelming support from members, friends, Ross Town Council, Ross Garden Store, the Lions and a myriad of local businesses. Together, they have championed the construction of 11 dedicated playing pistes, repurposing the old tennis courts. This ambitious transformation has positioned the club as one of the leading playing venues in the West Midlands, with even more exciting plans for improvement on the horizon.

This burgeoning club has seen its membership swell to over 50 enthusiastic players. Members enjoy friendly games against each other, fostering a vibrant and supportive community. The club also ventures further afield, having arranged friendly matches with Abergavenny, Golden Valley, and Solihull. Competitive spirit is nurtured in the club, as they have proudly become part of the Marches League, going head-to-head with numerous pub-based teams across the county. The commitment to player development is further echoed through serious coaching sessions, provided by the national governing body, Petanque England.

The club's dynamic community is not solely defined by their passion for Petanque. They are equally dedicated to sustaining the club's growth and vibrancy through diverse fundraising initiatives. June heralds the arrival of a unique sponsored 'Petanquathon', where a dedicated team of members will keep the boules rolling in a non-stop play throughout the day. The club also hosts an array of social events at the Sports Centre, from barbecues and quizzes to guest speakers and social evenings.

Wilton Bridge Petanque Club is more than just a sports club; it's a hub of community spirit and camaraderie. Whether you're playing a game or enjoying a post-match chat, the club offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So why not mark your calendars for Thursday, 15th June, and experience first-hand the joy and excitement of Petanque at the Ross Sports Centre? Whether you're an experienced player or a curious beginner, you're guaranteed a fun and engaging afternoon.