On the remarkable occasion of their diamond wedding anniversary, Dr Noel and Dr Angela Meeke look back on a journey of love, achievements, and strong family bonds that span six decades. Their enduring love story began at Colyton Grammar School in Devon, and since their wedding on 10th August 1963, the couple has built a remarkable life together, despite originally hailing from different corners of the country - Staffordshire for Noel and Bedfordshire for Angela.

Both pursued distinguished careers after studying at different universities. Noel attended the University of Wales, Bangor, focusing on electronic engineering and physics, while Angela pursued medicine at the University of Liverpool. Their shared commitment to education and frequent weekend visits kept their bond strong, eventually leading to their nuptials at Seaton Parish Church.

Post marriage, the couple began their professional journeys at Clatterbridge Hospital on the Wirral. Angela embarked on her first House Post in general medicine and geriatrics, while Noel, employed as a physicist, lent his skills to the radiotherapy department. After a few years, they relocated to North Wales, where Angela served as a GP in the quaint town of Bethesda and Noel became a director of a medical research firm in Llangefni, Anglesey, applying his knowledge of electronics.

Owing to family needs, a move to Gloucestershire saw Angela specialising in child healthcare in the community, while Noel took up a lecturer's role in electronics at the Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology (GlosCAT). Seeking a retreat from their busy lives, the couple bought a property in South Herefordshire, which eventually became their primary residence, and where they continue to live to this day.

The couple’s three children, all proud holders of honours degrees, have enriched their lives with grandchildren ranging from 10 to 35 years old, and most recently, a great-granddaughter. Their eldest, Megan, runs a training business in Bethesda, Fred is a mechanical engineering and French graduate residing in Normandy, while Susan, the youngest, is a lecturer at the University of Wrexham and resides in North East Wales.

Retirement has allowed Angela to cultivate her passion for singing, contributing to the Ross and Monmouth Choral societies, and gardening. Meanwhile, Noel devoted a quarter of a century as a Trustee and Chairman of the Waterworks Museum in Hereford until osteoarthritis restricted his activities. Nevertheless, he continues to indulge his passion for photography.

Today, the couple leads a peaceful life in Marstow, but once a year, they enjoy a grand family gathering, revelling in the achievements of their grandchildren and cherishing shared memories. This year, their 60th wedding anniversary is undoubtedly at the heart of their reminiscing.