Wye Valley NHS Trust is inviting retired doctors and nurses, or nurses whose registration has lapsed, to support hospitals across Herefordshire during the coronavirus outbreak.

This follows the government’s recent announcement that letters are being sent to more than 65,000 retired doctors and nurses in England and Wales asking them to return to the NHS.

David Mowbray, medical director at Wye Valley NHS Trust, said: “We have well established plans in place for situations like this. However, we’re giving retired doctors and nurses the opportunity to help in our management of the coronavirus locally. The support of extra doctors and nurses will bolster the staffing we have in place to provide the best treatment and care for our patients during this time. If you are a retired doctor, or a doctor no longer working for the NHS, please email us [email protected]”.

Catherine Davies, associate director of nursing at Wye Valley NHS Trust, added: “We’re calling on retired nurses, and nurses whose registration has lapsed, to join us at this time. We have a wide range of areas where your experience and support would be welcomed and as part of this will be providing refresher training sessions to support you. To find out more, please email [email protected]”.