In a world where we are bombarded with information 24 hours a day, sometimes communication can be tricky. I recently read that some 306 billion emails are sent each day. Given that there are roughly 6000 languages spoken globally, communication becomes even more complex.  

Effective communication in a large school is really important. We meet as a staff twice a week to share information and also to celebrate. Over the last few weeks we have launched our new website so our information is easier to access. We’re also about to launch more efficient ways for parents and carers to access information about their child via an App and improve the information we share.  

With all this technology, sometimes the traditional art of letter writing becomes lost. I love writing letters. Recently I have had the joy of writing to each and every one of our new Year 7 cohort for 2023. I hope that when they receive my letter they will feel both welcome and excited about September. In a complex world where there is so much information I want to share the message that we’re excited to meet them and learn with them.