A Ross resident voiced her concerns about the littering problem in Ross-on-Wye during a recent town council meeting (Monday, February 13).

The discussion was brought to the table by Anne Taylor, member of the Ross Community Litter Clean-up Crew, who raised the issue of the town’s cleanliness.

She pointed out that visitors to the town have commented about the state of the streets and the lack of street cleaning.

It was made clear during the meeting, that the responsibility for street cleaning lies with Herefordshire Council, not Ross-on-Wye Town Council. However, some attendees brought up the issue of a former street cleaning operative who was employed by Ross Town Council and was popular with visitors. They questioned why he was not replaced and why the town has not invested in a street cleaning service.

The council members responded by stating that they were aware of the littering issue and were constantly discussing ways to improve the situation. 

They added that they were looking at all options, including hiring an enforcement officer and launching a publicity campaign. The Operations Manager of the council is reportedly reviewing the issue and is expected to provide a report on the matter soon.

The agenda item highlighted the ongoing issue of accountability in terms of street cleaning in the area. Balfour Beatty, the company responsible for managing the cleaning contract, is reportedly working on a plan to address this issue, but councillors are not optimstic. 

While the council members acknowledged that the situation was frustrating for local residents, they reiterated that it was a complicated issue that would take time to resolve.