Hundreds of visas have been issued for Ukrainians to stay with hosts in Herefordshire – but a new survey reveals hosts across the country need support from the Government to continue as costs soar.

Since March, Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion have been able to apply for a visa to stay in the UK under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

The scheme, also known as “Homes for Ukraine”, allows individuals to host refugees for a minimum of six months.

As of August 2, 572 visas had been issued for refugees staying with hosts in Herefordshire – 416 of which had arrived in the UK as of the day before.

Across the UK, more than 17,000 sponsors responded to the questionnaire between July 7 and July 14, with more than 70% saying the crisis has impacted their ability to provide support.

Among those who said they were only planning on hosting for six months, or were not sure, 40% said an increase in the £350 monthly payments they receive would encourage them to provide accommodation longer term.

Separate data shows there were 15 refugee households owed a homelessness duty in Herefordshire as of the end of June, including 12 families with dependent children.