John Kyrle High School is rallying the community to spread Christmas cheer to underserved children in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine through its Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. The school is inviting everyone to contribute by filling shoeboxes with small gifts, set to be delivered in time for the holiday season.

Mr Dennis, who is overseeing the project, expressed the school's enthusiasm for the initiative. "Your lovingly prepared shoebox will be delivered directly to a vulnerable child or family through various channels such as schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages within Romania, Moldova or Ukraine," he said. If you'd prefer not to assemble an entire shoebox, the school is also accepting individual items to include in boxes they will assemble on-site.

For those interested in participating, shoeboxes should be filled with small, thoughtful items and wrapped in festive paper. The school has outlined some items that would be ideal for the boxes, and for more ideas, you can visit the Teams4U website. It's important to note that certain items should not be included, such as food (except sweets), medicines, military-themed items, aerosols, highly flammable objects, sharp items, and novels.

The deadline for contributions is Wednesday, 22nd November, to ensure that the children receive their gifts in time for Christmas. Once your shoebox is ready, you can deliver it to Mr Dennis or your respective Head of Year at the school.

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support in these charitable efforts," Mr Dennis added, expressing the school's appreciation for community involvement in this cause.