A band, who formed while recording their album in a music studio near Berry Hill, Gloucestershire, will soon be filming a music video for their first single, ‘Sunblind’, and they are asking young people, who appear to look approximately 18 years old, to star as students in the video.

Shelley Garratt, who teaches drums at John Kyrle High School in Ross-on-Wye, told the Gazette that the band does not yet have a name. She explained that she had written some music and lyrics, and wanted to record one of these songs professionally.

Shelley plays drums, and had asked her friend, Jim Ramsey, who comes from Usk, to sing and play guitar.

During their first recording session, producer John Davies, suggested they write an album, and Shelley decided to do just that. John joined the group, playing bass, and for the last two and a half years, they have been perfecting their album.

Shelley explains that the band have crafted their own sound, which she says some have described as a cross between Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5 and The Bluetones.

The story in the music video centres around a music teacher, played by one of John Kyrle High School’s own, who will be lipsyncing the song.

The school scenes will be filmed at John Kyrle High School on Sunday, July 24th. Shelley explained that they are not using JKHS?students to star in the video, as there was far too much red tape. She added that the older pupils have exams, and the band do not want to distract them from their studies.

If you would like to be involved in the music video, contact Shelley. Her phone number is 07773 117616.