Although petrol prices are more stable than the were toward the latter end of 2022, the Gazette reports on the 15 cheapest places for unleaded fuel within 8 miles of Ross-on-Wye.

The data, compiled by PetrolPrices, reveals the petrol stations offering the lowest fuel prices in the area; nationwide, the average cost for a litre of unleaded fuel is 149.9p.

Taking the top spot is Gulf Mitcheldean with a price of 147.7p per litre of unleaded fuel as of February 20. Meanwhile, Applegreen Ross-on-Wye and Applegreen Cinderford take the second and third positions with prices of 147.8p per litre.

BP Drybrook and Esso Coleford take fourth and fifth place, both offering unleaded fuel at 147.9p per litre. Gulf Bishopwood, Gulf A40, and Gulf Cinderford come in sixth, seventh, and eighth place, respectively, offering prices ranging from 148.8p to 149.0p per litre.

Morrisons Ross-on-Wye and BP Ross-on-Wye (Wilton Garage) complete the top ten list with a price of 149.9p per litre of unleaded fuel.

The list provides a tool for drivers looking to save money on fuel costs, with the cheapest petrol stations. With fuel prices remaining high, this crowd-sourced website can be an invaluable resource for those looking to stretch their budget a little further.