MP Elliot Colburn has raised a query concerning the future of e-scooter trials. The trials, which have sparked a mix of interest and controversy since their inception, are set to wrap up on 31st May 2024, but the burning question remains: Will they be extended?

This crucial issue was recently brought to the attention of the Secretary of State for Transport in a bid to ascertain the government's plans. E-scooter trials are being closely watched across the nation, as they hold potential implications for the future of transport, urban planning, and even our climate commitments.

Jesse Norman, Minister of State for the Department for Transport and MP for Ross-on-Wye, responded to Colburn's query with a cautiously measured reply. He stated that the trials had indeed been extended till 31st May 2024. This extension was set in motion to amass further evidence where gaps had been detected and to build upon the findings of the current evaluation.

However, he clarified that no concrete decision has been made about further extending the e-scooter trials beyond the current end date. It seems that the jury is still out, with decision-makers keen to analyse all the evidence before making any future commitments. As it stands, residents and e-scooter enthusiasts will have to wait with bated breath to see how this modern transport saga unfolds.