A whopping 96 per cent of UK residents are not testing their smoke alarms as often as recommended, according to a recent survey by online training provider High Speed Training. This means that millions of families are at risk of losing their lives in the event of a fire.

Fire services in England, Scotland, and Wales attended over 630,000 fire incidents in 2020/21, resulting in 300 fatalities. The majority of these incidents took place in homes, with 20 people being injured or killed every day due to accidental fires that started in the kitchen.

Smoke alarms are crucial in protecting your family from fatal fires, and research suggests that homes without working smoke alarms are eight times more likely to result in a fatality. However, the survey found that only 84 per cent of homes had smoke alarms placed on every level.

In addition to smoke alarms, having a fire escape plan can significantly increase your chances of survival in the event of a fire. But, 55 per cent of UK residents don't have a fire escape plan in place, with younger generations even less likely to be prepared.

The survey also highlights the dangers of faulty electrics, which cause around 4,000 house fires in England every year. Unfortunately, 77 per cent of respondents were unsure on how to check the voltage or amperage levels of a socket, putting them at risk.

To keep your family safe, High Speed Training recommends closing all internal doors every night, which can hold back fire and smoke, and give you precious time to escape. However, the survey found that 66 per cent of people don't follow this simple step. Additionally, making sure your exit route is clear of trip hazards is crucial, yet 71 per cent of respondents don't ensure their exit routes are clear every night.