In an important step toward the 2023/24 municipal year, Herefordshire Council has disclosed a fresh line-up of its top leadership roles. This announcement marks the ushering in of a new era of governance for Herefordshire Council.

Following the vote, Councillor Jonathan Lester has ascended to the top spot as Leader of Herefordshire Council. Assisting him in guiding the council will be Councillor Roger Phillips, elected Chairperson, and Councillor Stef Simmons, who will assume the role of Vice-Chairperson.

Additionally, a selection of committee chairpersons was also put forward by the Full Council, setting the stage for a year of effective committee-led governance. The elected committee chairpersons are as follows:

The Audit and governance committee will be chaired by Councillor David Hitchiner, with Councillor Aubrey Oliver serving as Vice-Chairperson. The Children and young people scrutiny committee will see Councillor Toni Fagan at the helm, assisted by Councillor Liz Harvey.

Councillor Ellie Chowns will lead the Connected communities scrutiny committee with Councillor Ed O’Driscoll as her deputy. The Employment panel committee is to be chaired by Councillor Jonathan Lester, with Councillor Ellie Chowns assuming the Vice-Chairperson role.

The Environment and sustainability scrutiny committee will be under the direction of Councillor Louis Stark and Vice-Chairperson Councillor Helen Heathfield. For the Health, care and wellbeing scrutiny committee, Councillor Pauline Crockett will serve as Chairperson, with Councillor Kevin Tillett assisting as Vice-Chairperson.

The Planning and regulatory committee has elected Councillor Terry James as Chairperson and Councillor Clare Davies as Vice-Chairperson. Meanwhile, Councillor Liz Harvey and Councillor Jenny Bartlett will take the helm of the Scrutiny management board as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson respectively.

Finally, the Licensing sub-committee will be headed by Councillor Polly Andrews.