Research has revealed the most soothing accents in the UK, with the West Midlands accent coming in seventh and the Welsh accent coming in third. The survey of 400 people found that 22 per cent of respondents would be most likely to fall asleep if listening to a bedtime story in the Welsh accent, after the Irish and Scottish accents, which came in first and second place, respectively.

To celebrate World Sleep Day, Hillarys has teamed up with TV architect and presenter George Clarke to record a new bedtime story, titled "The Land of Kindaroo," written by Becky Johnston, 26, from Darwen in Blackburn.

The story was chosen from nearly 100 entries and features a soothing tone and an enchanting message about the power of kindness. George Clarke, who reads the story in his soporific Geordie accent, said, "The story has a very calming tone to it, which is why it's so perfect as a bedtime story to help people drift off to sleep."

Susan White, marketing director at Hillarys, said, "Reading a gentle story before bed reignites childhood nostalgia and allows our brains to relax and transition into a sleeping state. We hope this story will help people get the great night's sleep they need and deserve."

The full recording of "The Land of Kindaroo" and a quote from the winner of the competition can be found on Hillarys' website.