Dick Brice, the singer-songwriter who penned the Forest “anthem” Land Between Two Rivers has died.

Most recently Mr Brice participated in the high successful launch of Western Under Penyard’s new folk club. He also delighted Ross Library goers on their last performance evening of 2022.

He wrote songs and poetry about the people, landscape and culture of the Forest and his work could be comic or more serious. A collection of his work was published by the Yorkley Press under the title The Land Between Two Rivers and which features his songs in verse form. He also made many recordings, including some in Forest dialect. He will be remembered as a champion for the Forest, its people and its culture.

He was born in 1941 and grew up at Harrow Hill. Mr Brice’s musical career started when he was a pupil at Thomas Rich’s School in Gloucester performing George Formby songs in the area. He was a teacher in the Midlands before coming back to this area where he was headteacher of a number of schools including Brompton Abbots Primary School. He and his wife Di were part of group that performed traditional songs.

He was also a keen sailor and, after retiring from teaching in 1997, he taught sailing and navigation. He was a hugely popular performer and supported many events in the area such as the Forest Faddle and the Mitcheldean Festival. Mr Brice lived at Pontshill, Ross-on-Wye and leaves his wife, Di, and two children.