MADAM, Next week marks our tenth anniversary

of the launch of the Hospice project.

Our original aim was to erect a small building

but as the needs of the Forest were identified

and assessed it became clear Great Oaks

should be about five times larger than originally


This made the project seem daunting at times

but there was never any real need to worry as

the wonderful community spirit of the Forest

backed the Steering Committee with enthusiasm

and generosity which we could only have

dreamed of. This enabled us to move into Great

Oaks on schedule in September 2004.

From that day the service has grown, giving

a wide range of care tailored to the individual

needs of patients and their families.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing and

humbling support over the past ten years. You

have made the dream come true. Our annual

running costs stand at around £380,000 at the

moment and Great Oaks will always need your


Please continue to do whatever you are able

to ensure Dean Forest Hospice can give a totally

free service of care to future generations.

Sheila Evans, Great Oaks Hospice