For centuries, Folk Music has been a unifying factor in British society, providing opportunities for people to come together, to have fun and to share their enjoyment of songs that have been handed down through the ages.

At first glance, it may seem surprising that, in this technological age in which recorded music of all kinds is available at the touch of a button, the ‘Folk Scene’ is flourishing – and, indeed, experiencing an upturn in interest.

It seems that many singers and musicians prefer to use their talents to entertain people in a ‘live’ setting, rather than on their own in a recording studio, thus carrying on a tradition stretching back hundreds of years.

There are a number of such performers in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, many of whom appear regularly at Folk Clubs and other venues in the towns and villages in the area.

The latest evidence of this upsurge of interest is set to take place in the garden at the Weston Cross pub in Weston-under-Penyard where Weston Fun and Folk Day is being held on Sunday, May 20th, from 3pm till 9pm.

This will provide an opportunity for anyone who appreciates live folk and acoustic music to hear some of the area’s most remarkable performers and to join with others with similar interests, in an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Admission is free, although there will be a voluntary collection in support of Weston’s church (St. Lawrence’s) and Village Hall.